Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Lions Carnival

We enjoyed a local festival called The Lions Carnival. All proceeds from the event go to the Lions Club and I would have to say I think they did a really good job. It was just enough parade. Just enough candy. Just enough food and just enough rides.
They had a small parade around the square. The lion was there of course. All the rides were child sized and only cost .50 cents!! I think this is wonderful! They all got to go on a couple of rides a piece and it didn't cost a fortune! Even Daddy enjoyed himself.


Dawn said...

good to see your town worships it's golden calf...err.. .golden lion. HAHAHAHA all I could think of when I saw that picture was Moses gettin' pissed and throwing those stone tablets.

Rachel said...

OOOhhhh haaa I LOVE that picture of Jeremy riding the wagon. Hilarious!