Saturday, August 22, 2009

We Survived!

We all survived the first week of school around here. Sissy has been riding the bus all week and has done really well. This is her first time riding and I have to say I was a little nervous about turning her over to total strangers but it all went well.
We almost missed the bus on Wednesday but we are now in the groove and everything is going well. I'm used to getting myself ready, the kids, checking my email, doing some laundry, getting my gym stuff ready and then us all walking out the door, for the morning, at the same time. It took me a day or two to figure out that it's all about Sissy right now. I just have to concentrate on getting her out the door on time and then I can get all the other stuff done.
I hope your first week of school went just as well!

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All Natural Mama said...

Glad it's going well!
Alex rode the bus on Friday (first bus day) and I was shocked to discover there were multiple schools on one bus. The driver had to ask me which school he was supposed to go to! Yikes.
Then he tells me that night that he "made a mistake" and got off at Carl Sandburg (5th & 6th graders!). He said a woman came running at him and helped him back to his bus. Thank God for that woman, seeing a lost little guy and coming to his rescue.
Now call me crazy, but why and how would his bus driver miss a very short 1st grader leaving the bus with 5th graders?
Call me crazy, but I think I may have a problem with this woman, lol.
Plus he walks down to the next block for his bus stop. As I suspected, he was the only one there (not really any kids in our neighborhood). I'm going to call & see if they'll switch it to our corner since we're on a corner lot and it won't upset the bus path (I checked). How hard of a time do ya think they'll give me? *sigh*
It's hard letting them out of our sight, isn't it?