Friday, August 14, 2009

Summer Popsicles

The kids are enjoying the last of the summer evenings with Popsicles. School starts next week and I am sure it will be an adjustment. They are used to sleeping late and have issues getting up to get to the gym with me at 8:30am.

I noticed on Tuesday I posted 'Monday Happenings'...that's about how my week has gone. I have no clue what day it is out here anymore. I'm till trying to dig my office/crop room out. I had to combine both rooms into one and I do not have shelving yet so everything is just sitting around very unorganized. I have cards to make for a friend and I have got to get it together and find my supplies.

Ventured out to Town today for Sissy's eye exam. My bill was $133...apparently our vision insurance does not cover eye glasses, exams or lenses...go figure! Not sure what I'm paying my insurance bill for cause every time I have a claim it's not covered. I shouldn't complain though....the kids only cost me $15 a piece!

I've heard next week in double coupon week at Kmart. I have discovered there are 9 Kmarts within a 50 mile radios of me. Wonder if it's still a savings if I drive to ALL of them? ha!

This is a very random post but my week has been very random. I start to hang a picture, can't find the hammer, look for hammer, Bubby is in the bathroom, take care of him, check email, Sissy needs a drink, Bubby is then hungry, I should probably get a Coke (replenished my Mexican Coke stash!), remember that I'm looking for hammer when I see it on porch, kids want their swimsuits on, phone rings, kids want Popsicles, check Facebook, look at office and think 'I really should get this all put where it goes', kids fighting, Bubby wants his towel he is cold and done swimming, find his clothes, clean up kitchen floor....and it just goes on and on and on....isn't life glamorous?? When does school start??


jskippy11 said...

No hurry on the cards.. really! I still am using some of the lady bug ones you made me when Holly was born. see how well I am about sending Thank you cards!

Nikki said...

I hear ya girl, my weeks been the same! lol

Rachel said...

Ha ha, that's the definition of Motherhood - working hard all day to accomplish nothing.