Monday, August 3, 2009


This is how my weekend went....I made a double batch of Zucchini bread. We tasted it and I could tell SOMETHING was missing but I couldn't figure it out. I soon realized it was the oil. I was on the phone (big shocker there) and I forgot the 2 cups of oil. It tastes OK and we are still eating it but it's a little dry. I'm hoping this means it's healthier for me....right? But cause it's dry I am slathering it with butter and cream cheese...defeats the healthiness of it I know.
Tried to go and buy peaches and got a nail in my tire...already told you about that. Finally got the peaches canned though. Before I could do any canning I had to find all my empty jars. I didn't have the movers unpack the jar boxes because I didn't know where I wanted them yet. I wish I had just had them go ahead and unpack them and put them on the floor cause it took forever!! But on the bright side....aren't the peaches pretty?? I don't think I've ever seen any so pretty. Sunday I decided to tackle the greenbeans my dad had brought me. We don't have a garden this year because we just moved. But before I could do green beans I had to find the pressure canner. Couldn't find the pressure canner. THREE hours later I still couldn't find the pressure canner. I unpacked all kinds of boxes marked 'garage' and still couldn't find it. I had already unpacked all the 'dish' boxes..where could it be!!? Finally found it sitting inside a square box-like table I have. Started the greenbeans and realized the little pressure topper thingy was missing! I can't can without that. I had remembered seeing it in a jar and thinking 'I need to put this somewhere where I can find it when I can'. Yeah...15 minutes later I finally found it sitting with my spices cause I just KNEW I would be able to find it there. Finally....greenbeans done...This morning I wanted to start hanging some shelves. Couldn't find the drill. Found the drill. Need the level. 20 minutes later find level in garage. Kids hungry. Feed kids. Pick up drill and battery is dead. Look for battery charger. Can't find battery charger. Look for phone. Found phone. Call The Hunter and ask where charger is. It's on the vanity in his bathroom. Of course it is!! Why didn't I think of that? Battery recharged. Kids want more food. Feed kids. FINALLY get shelf put up. ONE shelf! I'm blogging and checking Facebook.


jskippy11 said...

One word YUMMY!!!!! Those look very yummy! Makes me want to can... not really ha ha.. Just makes me want to eat yours!

Rachel said...

Ha ha ha, that last paragraph about how long it takes to get stuff done is SOOOOO true, lol!