Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My New View

Last week we finished packing, moving and unpacking our house in preparation for a move four hours south. I use the term WE loosely...VERY VERY loosely. I highly recommend movers. This will make my 20th move in my lifetime and the first time I had professional movers who packed, moved and unpacked my whole house for me. Marselle packed my whole kitchen for me in a matter of hours. He then put it on a truck and UNPACKED it for me at the new house. Highly recommend movers. One guy in the kitchen. One guy in the living room. One guy in the bedrooms and about 4 guys in the basement. They even took the beds apart and put them back together at the new house. Then after it was all boxed up they hauled it to the truck in the pouring rain. Highly recommend movers! Have I mentioned that?? The movers packed the entire house in one day. On day two they loaded (in the rain). Day three they drove to the new house. We arrived at the new house the night before and slept on air mattresses. Have you ever seen the movie Funny Farm? Everyone was making jokes about the movers not showing up and we would have to sleep on the floor and I would of course have to hoard the food.

Yeah, that's not funny! But no worries.....our truck arrived. I'm not sure when those guys slept because they came rolling up the road at 9am. It's at least a 5 hour trip from were they were. They backed the truck in and got organized.

The first item off the truck was the most important.

Even if I never have professional movers again I learned some great packing tips. I've never seen someone pick up items so heavy and move them with such ease. They packed everything so well! I did not have one single nick or scratch on anything! They even packed some things I didn't want..haha! I tried to get organized before the movers came. I went around the house and put things where they belonged. I put books with books, DVDs with other DVDs...if it went together I tried to put it where it belonged. I found 8 or 10 little packets of diaper cremes that I have received as freebies in the last 6 years. My kids never had diaper rash so I never used this stuff. I piled it all together cause I was going to give it to someone who might need it or drop it off at church. Totally forgot about it. Not even sure where it was but I unpacked it yesterday. They were all carefully wrapped in paper along with a VBS flyer!

The view from my new front porch. Yeah, it's pretty flat but there are no neighbors, no dogs barking, no stereos going by. And of course it's pointed toward home...south.


All Natural Mama said...

Hey thanks for the Ryan Phillipe pictures! Lol. He really DOES look like him.
It IS flat there. Wow! But hey, you've got a great view from that front porch while you sip Nikki's last Mexican Coca-cola...

All Natural Mama said...

Great pics! Your uncle's backyard is amazing. Love the pond.

Nikki said...

Ummmm, so when are the movers showing back up to move your "other" house (wink wink). Of course, I've already done half their job by packing everything!!!!!!!!!!! Nice view...other than those creepy killer children coming out of the field :) Miss ya!!!!!!!!