Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hanging out with Celebs

Johnny Depp WAS here...that's what they say. I drove by the Lafayette County Courthouse in Wisconsin and saw this sign that says they filmed a courtroom scene for Public Enemies here. I don't know if he was in the scene or even around but I thought it was fun and we had to stop and get pictures. It's a really imposing courthouse even without the Johnny Depp connection. He MIGHT have walked up those steps you never know. I have to go and see the movie now to see if I reconize anything.


Dawn said...

All I have to say is get your hands off my boyfriend!!!!

All Natural Mama said...

HuH! Wonder why they picked that courthouse? Someone on the film from up there, maybe?
I did see in one of the SOuthwest Wi tourism books something about him being there last year or this winter (dont remember lol).
Weird, isn't it?!
I remember a couple of years ago the youngest Baldwin was seen at Jumpin Joes. Guess he was filming part of a movie somewhere in Jo Daviess county. Ya never know!
Edward, where are you? Lol.
Colin Firth??

Rachel said...

Hey, how are you liking Persuasion? It's my favorite Jane Austen novel, and the movie is pretty good too!