Thursday, July 30, 2009

Best laid plans

Weeks before we moved I called all the utilities to make sure they would be turned on at the new house. I called DISH and the Internet company because I wanted them turned on THE DAY we moved in. I like to live simply but lets be reasonable people! This is my view to the's nice and all but I need the Internet....sweet sweet Internet.

Last Friday DISH was to be here anytime between 8am and noon. Excited about the new house the kids were up at 7am so were sitting on the porch, and as Anne would say, drinking in the view. The Hunter told me I better get clothes on (I was in PJs not naked people!) because the DISH guy would be here any minute. I said, "no way! He'll be here about watch." DISH guy drives up at 8am SHARP! After my last episode with DISH repairmen this guy was WONDERFUL! Showed up on time, crawled up on the roof, installed dish, ran the wire where I wanted and was out of here in about 20 minutes. That's how it's done!

With that completed I should have Internet by supper, right? Yeah, he never showed up. I called and they didn't even have me in their system. They had NEVER heard of me. I wonder who I gave all my important information to?? So, I had to wait a WHOLE FIVE DAYS before I could have Internet. Felt VERY cut off. This is my view to the east. I do have a neighbor pretty close but I still need my Internet.

Today while trying to buy peaches I ran over a nail...but not just any ol' nail it was a HUGE nail. I don't know what people even use nails like this for but it ruined my tire. A very nice man took time away from his fishing to help me change the tire. Thank God there are still people willing to stop and help someone.

So, now I have TV, Internet and a new tire. If I could only find my kitchen curtains life would be good.


Nikki said...

dang girl, look how much blogging you're getting done! rock on with your bad self! I say skip the curtains and come up here so we can go to IKEA to buy more!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

All Natural Mama said...

Oh my... it really is very flat down there! How nice of the man to help you change your tire. I'd seriously be at a loss. That is one large nail!

Rachel said...

So glad you have internet!!! How did people survive before instant connection?

Anonymous said...

Our house has nails in it almost a foot long, just so you know.

Your new place is beautiful and I'm very jealous of your grass.

Jessica Tessendorf