Saturday, July 18, 2009

Bent and Dent

We don't buy much prepackaged foods at our house. Mainly because it's expensive, it's full of processed crap and it's expensive. I try to buy in bulk and then make most things from scratch. Not everything...but most things. This is great except when I am in a hurry or I don't really feel like cooking. Times like that it would be really nice to just rip open a box of something and feed it to the kids.

So, the All-Natural Mama tells me about this Amish bent and dent store up in what I consider the North Country. So, while the hubby's are watching the kids, Nikki, All-Natural Mama and myself go grocery shopping and boy are we excited.
After we finished convincing Nikki that eating food from dented cans wouldn't kill her we cleaned up! Four boxes of cereal for $1.25, baked beans for .20 cents, two bottles of salad dressing for .25 cents, and boxes of cake mix for .25 cents just about made me giddy! I only spent $26 and went home with a whole cart full of food. We had lunch at a local bar and grill that I have never been to. All-Natural Mama said we HAD to eat there at least once before I left town. Nothing like hitting all the hot spots in town right before I leave. I didn't have the cheese sandwiches but I did have the chili and it was GREAT! It was smothered in cheese of course....cause that's how they do it in Wess-con-sin. The ceiling was covered in money and signs. I was told once a year they take the money down and donate it to charity. I'm still not sure how they get it up there. They had games you could play while eating. Nikki found one that...yup...pretty much sums her up in 2 words. But that's why we get along so well.