Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Be a man!

Last week we had a new roof put on our house and the roofers, as cute as they were, messed up my satellite dish. So, I called the dish company and asked them to come out and fix it. I was connected to a very nice English speaking gentleman...this is very hard to find now days so I was happy he was speaking English...MY kind of English...not English that he learned from a manuel at customer service school.

He tells me he would be more than happy to fix my dish problems but first I would need to pay him $49.99. I said no, no, no! I have been a customer with you for 12 years and I expect some special treatment. He agreed and dismissed the $49.99 fee. That's my kind of service! He then tells me the repairman will be there the next day anywhere from noon till 5pm. That is fine...I can wait for him.

The repair'man' shows up and before I even open the door I can smell the cigarette smoke on him. I step outside to talk to him cause I don't want him stinkin' up the house. He looks up at the dish and says, "You see that little critter up there?" I look and see A wasp. ONE wasp. Not a nest...ONE wasp. He tells me he is allergic and he needs wasp spray. I told him I didn't have any. He then demands I get him wasp spray. Again I tell him I don't have any. He says, "I can't go up there without wasp spray I'm allergic!" I said, "it's only ONE wasp...can't you just shew it away?" He gives me a look and turns and walks back down the steps telling me he is going to the store to get wasp spray. You would think if you were THAT allergic and you were in this kind of work you might carry your own wasp spray with you at all times.

So, he returns 15 minutes later with his wasp spray. He looks up at my roof and declares how tall it is and that the dish is REALLY high up. Keep in mind I live in a ONE STORY ranch home. Again...if you are afraid of heights maybe you shouldn't be in this line of work! I said, "It's a one story ranch are you serious?" He again looks at me and acts like I'm the crazy one. He begins to crawl up the ladder, spray the heck out of something on my roof and then he throws the can to the ground. If I hadn't needed pbs kids so bad I might have told him how allergic I was to cigarette smoke and how I hate chemicals being sprayed around the house and that I would like a manly repairman to come and fix my dish and not him. But I didn't...having the peace and quiet of my kids watching pbs kids is way more important.

He decided he couldn't fix such an old dish (it's 4 years old) and that I would need a new one. He didn't remove the old one he just put a new one up right behind the old one. So, now The Hunter has to go up there and remove the old one.

And if all this wasn't bad enough he didn't know how to use the remote! The remote I got from HIS company. I guess my luck ran out when I was talking to customer service and was so happy with my English speaking representative.


Dawn said...

You are SO gonna be sued for slander now! hehehehahaha! I can't believe you actually took a picture of the repairman. Loved it!

Rachel said...

OMW that's soo funny!

Meagan said...

I am crying here!!! This has to be the best post you've ever made!!!! Girly man! Ha!!