Friday, June 12, 2009


One of the advantages of having family 8 hours south of me is I can go down to visit and pick up fabulous produce that isn't even thinking about being ripe up cherries and strawberries.

I mentioned to Sarah I was getting strawberries and asked if she wanted me to pick her up some. She said yes.Then I get a text from Nikki, Stephanie, Rachel, and Penny (2 flats please) all wanting strawberries too! If you are keeping track that added up to SEVEN flats of strawberries in the back of my our luggage. We made it all fit though and everyone has been putting up strawberries like crazy around here. Then 2 days later we find out Aldi has them for .49 cents a box. So, like the crazy women we all are we bought more!

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All Natural Mama said...

Yes we are crazy, but we'll be so happy we did it when January rolls around!
Thanks for lugging them back for us! :-)