Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Parting Gifts

As you can see I am still recovering from my 80's party. As if the party wasn't gift enough everyone gave me such wonderful gifts that I HAD to share.
You can't have an 80's party without a little Brat Pack.
Stephanie gave me a orange and black gift bag filled with local tasty treats. Most of them I have never even tried and now I'm leaving. It was so much fun to try them all! All Natural Mama made me a wonder apron and potholers. The fabric is so beautiful and vintage looking.

Alohaknitter informed me she would NOT make me anything knitted....so she crotcheted me a rug (Rebel!). I love it!! Even my hubby, The Hunter, loved it!

Sarah, The Clicky-Heeled-One, gave me heels so I can be part of her group. She also gave me socks cause you can't walk around barefoot in her house and wipes so that I can wipe my feet off after I take the new socks off....cause the socks might be dirty inside you know.

FarmerFoley gave me a beautiful hand drawn picture. I love it!! I had found a similar one online and told her I should just buy it cause it would be perfect in Sissy's room. I never bought it of course but she remembered and drew me one herself. I can't wait to buy a wall to hang it on!
Nikki photographed areas around town and had them framed for me. If you look very closely you will even see a squirrel in one picture.

I can't even begin to express how wonderful the party and gifts were. Some of these gifts brought me to tears cause they were so beautiful and thoughtful. And then some brought me to tears cause they were...well...so strange and random.....


Nikki said...

How did I miss half these gifts?!?!?! The only ones I remember were Liz's and mine...sheesh! You got some cool stuff sistah! Kinda makes me wanna move :)

All Natural Mama said...

Isn't it great to be so loved!?!
I'm on a different computer now so I can't email you but I wanted to pass along that blog I was telling you about (the family on the Amish farm): http://eclecticculturefarm.blogspot.com/