Monday, June 8, 2009

80's Lady's Gifts

I'm a little behind on this post but I wanted to go back and mention the gift bags I gave everyone at my 80's party. I wanted them each to have something from me that was cute, functional, and was unique to everyone....and cheap. I finally decided on grocery sacks for everyone. Who doesn't need another bag?

The Alohaknitter IS my knitting super hero! She is amazing!
When I first came to town I was VERY excited when the MOPS president invited me to her house. Little did I know she was just like everyone else...haha! Her bag says "THE (former) MOPS President....are you impressed?" I was VERY impressed by her though. You should see the way this woman can organize!
Nikki has an unnatural fear of squirrels.
PookMonster's bag says "You don't Gnome me at all!" Which is so true. Just when you think you have her figured out she throws something new at you and surprises you. The Sorority Pretzel Girl is not all that well-behaved but that is ok. She will definitely go down in history.
This is the All Natural Mama. Changing the world one garden at a time. Esther would much rather be lounging at Pemberly with Mr. Darcy.

These two say they clean to relieve stress. Yeah...I don't get it either but I love 'em anyway!

The bags are all courtesy of a rockin' little shop called Girls In The Garage. You need writing on something email Amy and Paige and they will hook you up! They did all these bags for me super cheap and shipped them to me in less than a month. I tried to go and have three more bags done at a local shop (cause everyone didn't get their RSVP's into me in time) and those three bags would have cost more than all twelve that I ordered from The Girls. So, email them....there motto is Anything you like we do for you.


Nikki said...

Anything you like we do for you ROFL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that sketch, Anjelah Johnson ROCKS! :) When are you going to post pics of all the gifts we got you?!?!?! I was so busy laughing at Cheryl's knick knacks I barely saw anything else lol

Nikki said...

Wait a minute...what do you mean "un-natural" fear of squirrels? Those blood thirsty beasts are on a quest for world domination! Just you wait and see.....