Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Year is it??

I'm sure on this particular day there was a million things we could have been doing. We could have been home cleaning, cooking, at the gym, or at the mall spending 'our husbands' money. That's what stay at home moms do isn't it? Well...most of the time but not this day. This day we all got together for some simple pleasures....knitting, tea and music.

Kim showed off her hand dyed sock yarn. It is going to make some really cool socks. The Alohaknitter tried to tell us how to unstring a skein of yarn. After we managed to get it into a huge knot I was all for trashing all $2.75 of it and buying another. But she made us go on and we managed. Notice Nikki's face of disbelief. Then we made the Alohaknitter sing for us! She has NEVER sang a whole song for us but we finally talked her into it. She did pretty good till we made her sing songs from Grease. She didn't know there was a difference between the way Rizo sang and the way Sandy sang. She sang them both so sweetly. We tried to explain the difference but it was lost on her. But then again who are WE to tell her how to sing...haha!The boys were amazed by her! Both babies crawled over to her feet and listened in wonder.

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Rachel said...

That was a fun day, wasn't it? I might have to steal your pictures, because I never seem to have any of me, since I'm the family photographer!