Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Warehouse shopping

I don't think I could have had more going on in's May isn't it? It's almost June you say!! I'm so behind it's not even funny. But it's because I've been busy I swear.
  • There was shopping to do.
  • Trips to take.
  • Houses to sell.
  • Houses to clean.
  • Teeth to lose.
  • Party's to plan.
  • And did I mention shopping?

I will try and get everyone filled in. My good friend Matt gave me special VIP tickets to get into a local warehouse sale. (He used to be just a friend...then we gave me these special tickets and he became my good friend. Obviously I can be easily swayed.)

He called me the day before the sale and said people are putting chairs in line to hold their place and if I wanted to be at the front of the line I should get my butt up there. So, I drove 20 minutes away to place mine and my friend Nikki's chairs in spots number 14 and 15. I was VERY excited now! I was going to be one of the first people in the door. The next morning when we arrived the line of people was around the building!! I couldn't believe it! I am so glad I drove up there the day before. We sat down in our fully reserved chairs and started people watching. I've discovered it doesn't matter what part of the country you live in, there will always be people with mullets, missing teeth and stonewashed jeans. You don't have to have a southern accent to be a redneck. Anyway, we were almost trampled and we were a little too nice because some little old man with suspenders and a Swiss hat got in front of us but we finally made it in and boy did we find the deals!! Nikki had just had surgery but boy could she run while pushing a shopping cart! I couldn't keep up.

I was able to score:

  • floor lamp
  • table lamp
  • huge clock
  • subway clock
  • 2 fall wreaths
  • stainless steel motion activated trash can (I didn't know it was motion activated...just thought it was a good deal)
  • 2lbs of cheese (it is WI after all people)
  • tin of peppermint bark
  • cowboy rocking chair (only $1.50!)

All for less than $50!

My super bargain of a cowboy rocking chair for Bubby came in about 200 pieces and only 150 of them are missing. I'm not sure Hubby thought it was such a deal. It was so much fun and I can't wait to go again!

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Nikki said...

Tell me you're going to come back EVERY year and go with me?!?!?! I had a BLAST, and can I just tell you that I LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE my garbage can??!? Bobby and I are both obsessed with it. I find myself throwing things away just to see the lid go up and down. I'm easily amused! And you're right, those chicks should NOT be messed with! They are the perfect mixture of elegance and trailer park. She collects and wears Murano glass jewelry (thats from Italy you know), but she NEVER wears it when shes working on her Harley. Smart girl :)