Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Toot Toot!

This week I was told I toot my own horn too much. Apparently I let everyone know when I've done something grand. Well, I've decided if I don't toot my own horn then nobody else will! Besides what's a blog but one person's need for affirmation and other person's need for voyeurism.

So, today I'm going to toot away and show ya'll the cards I've created recently. I've really been out of the knitting bug and more into the card making bug.

The blue and brown (LOVE blue and brown!) cards were made for my cousin who is getting married. She requested no gifts so I decided to make her a set of thank you cards. I used the Watercolor Vine wheel from Stampin' Up! I love the wheels! They make for some super fast and easy cards and wrapping paper.

The next set I made this week was for my friend Sarah's birthday. I used the Humor in High Heels set from Stampin' Up! I have never made a notebook before and didn't know how easy it was! I will be making more of these for sure.

This card started out as a baby card. I was trying to do something different and NOT use pink.
I used the Tart & Tangy Stampin' Up! set and this paper which I still just love. After I spent WAY to much time on it I decided it wasn't right for a baby at all and I decided to make another. I wanted something a little more simple and made this baby card. It matched the wrapping paper better and seemed to fit my friend a little better.
Unfortunately I also needed a sympathy card for a friend of mine. I think this Stampin' Up! set is called Botanicals something. It's one of the first sets I purchased years ago. It's so very simple.

After stampin' for awhile I felt the need to get the Cricut out. I really don't use it enough but I think that is all about to change. The Birthday Fairy told me there are some cool cartridges on there way this week! This card I made for my mom for Mother's Day. I used the Basic cartridge that come with the Cricut and Stampin' Up! paper.

Well, I guess that is enough horn blowing for one day.

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meagan said...

Sounds like someone needs kicked! Who on earth would tell you that?? I would assume this person no longer EVER gets a handmade item!!! TOOT TOOT TOOT!!! Blah!