Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Complicated Relationships

Bubby and Miss Boo have such a love/hate relationship going on. They spend so much time together that I think they are a lot like brother and sister. They will give each other a hug and then turn around and growl and hit each other in the same breath.

Bubby has found out the hard way he has to watch out for his friends. If he doesn't watch out then his favorite little Miss Boo will steal his food! She will take it right off his tray at McD's and sometimes right out of his cereal bowl. She looks all cute and sweet in her pink but watch out! Bubby has found the only way to keep his food safe is to bury his face in the bowl and not come up for air till it's all gone.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Sending me off in 80's style

My fabulous friend Nikki hosted a going away/birthday bash for me like no other. She came up with the 80's theme and instructed us all to dress in our best 80's attire. For weeks we have all been stalking the Goodwill for the best outfits and boy did we come up with them.

This is Nikki. The mastermind of this whole thing. I think she came up with all of our outfits. She is quite the shopper! She was going for the Rainbow Brite meets Madonna look.
This is my 'Clicky-Heeled Friend' sportin' her new jelly shoes. Don't worry...she washed them before she put them on. This Blossom Musical Chick had this whole outfit, right down to her white tennis shoes, at home in a box! Why?? I have no clue.This crazy chick had the 'Working Girl' look down to a T....including the monster shoulder pads! Look how great her heels go with her heels (yeah it didn't make since when she said it either). But she did have rockin' hair! It took a lot of spray and teasing to get my hair to stand up but hers kept getting bigger and bigger as the night went on. It was amazing!The Pookmonster paid tremendous attention to detail. Blue eyeshadow, check. Scrunchy, check check. Totally awesome PacMan gloves, check check check! The All-Natural Mama displayed her great love (STALKER) to the New Kids on the Block. I can't believe the stuff people keep in their attics!This Pretzel Sorority Girl was rockin' the polyester track suit! She also won the trivia challenge hands down. She knows ALL!The Alohaknitter grew up on a island and since 'the 80's' was a mainland thing only (what??) she missed them. We had to explain to her the significance of Bugle Boy and how cool it was to own a pair of Z. Cavaricci jeans. We also had to explain to her that she could not under any circumstance keep the acid washed fanny pack for her knitting. The Farmer's Wife was ready to 'Get Physical'...at the gym I mean. It takes a pretty secure woman to wear a leotard AND 3 inch heels. I think she did get some offers walking from the car to the door though....I'm just saying....There is always one Preppy Girl in the bunch. But don't let the flipped up collar, sweater around the shoulders, tight rolling of the khaki's fool ya.....She could totally rock it out to Def Leppard! And then there was my outfit. First of all I can't believe I'm showing this picture. I pray that people who know me know that I have changed in the last 16 years. I DO look different than I did in junior high I swear!

I do have to tell ya though the hair was such an issue for me. I had to buy those pink sponge rollers cause I didn't have any hot rollers anymore. It took FOREVER to roll up the hair, spray it, heat it with a blow dryer, spray it, unroll it, tease it, spray it, tease it, then I decided it wasn't high enough so I added a ponytail and scrunchy, then I sprayed it one final time. I was exhausted and HOT! (Not in a good way either.) By the end of the night the hair was flat. It was amazing! All that spray and gel and nothing to show for it 6 hours later. Do I look 14 or what?? Here I am posing with my wonderful Rubik's Cube cake Nikki made. Nikki left no detail untouched. She melted these records and made them into bowls! She decorated her house in much coveted 80's items. I so wanted this jacket in junior high. Thank God my parents didn't indulge me! Albums from our childhood were desecrated and properly adhered to the wall.

My favorite food groups were served....chips and salsa....
and of course M&M's. Nice touch!!They even brought me presents...some more random than others! Clicky-heels cause who doesn't need those!
And random figurines from the Pookmonster....why??? I have no clue.

We laughed, we ate, we danced liked idiots till people on the street stopped to stare and then some of us got REALLY crazy....

It was the best party EVER! Way more fun than when I was 14. Thanks to everyone for such a great time!!

Friday, May 22, 2009

Party like it's 1988!

Some of my friends are throwing me an 80's going away party tomorrow night. I'm ready!! I have the brightly colored clothing, the big earrings, the rubber bracelets and the scrunchies. Bought scrunchies at Walmart...who knew! Why are they STILL selling these things? Note the pink sponge rollers and Aqua Net. I'm going to TRY and get my hair up like it once was. I'm not sure I can do it but we'll find out.

More Suprise Pics

Do to popular demand I think I will make these 'suprise pics' a regular thing. This is what happens when you leave your camera laying out and about.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

What Year is it??

I'm sure on this particular day there was a million things we could have been doing. We could have been home cleaning, cooking, at the gym, or at the mall spending 'our husbands' money. That's what stay at home moms do isn't it? Well...most of the time but not this day. This day we all got together for some simple pleasures....knitting, tea and music.

Kim showed off her hand dyed sock yarn. It is going to make some really cool socks. The Alohaknitter tried to tell us how to unstring a skein of yarn. After we managed to get it into a huge knot I was all for trashing all $2.75 of it and buying another. But she made us go on and we managed. Notice Nikki's face of disbelief. Then we made the Alohaknitter sing for us! She has NEVER sang a whole song for us but we finally talked her into it. She did pretty good till we made her sing songs from Grease. She didn't know there was a difference between the way Rizo sang and the way Sandy sang. She sang them both so sweetly. We tried to explain the difference but it was lost on her. But then again who are WE to tell her how to sing...haha!The boys were amazed by her! Both babies crawled over to her feet and listened in wonder.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Toot Toot!

This week I was told I toot my own horn too much. Apparently I let everyone know when I've done something grand. Well, I've decided if I don't toot my own horn then nobody else will! Besides what's a blog but one person's need for affirmation and other person's need for voyeurism.

So, today I'm going to toot away and show ya'll the cards I've created recently. I've really been out of the knitting bug and more into the card making bug.

The blue and brown (LOVE blue and brown!) cards were made for my cousin who is getting married. She requested no gifts so I decided to make her a set of thank you cards. I used the Watercolor Vine wheel from Stampin' Up! I love the wheels! They make for some super fast and easy cards and wrapping paper.

The next set I made this week was for my friend Sarah's birthday. I used the Humor in High Heels set from Stampin' Up! I have never made a notebook before and didn't know how easy it was! I will be making more of these for sure.

This card started out as a baby card. I was trying to do something different and NOT use pink.
I used the Tart & Tangy Stampin' Up! set and this paper which I still just love. After I spent WAY to much time on it I decided it wasn't right for a baby at all and I decided to make another. I wanted something a little more simple and made this baby card. It matched the wrapping paper better and seemed to fit my friend a little better.
Unfortunately I also needed a sympathy card for a friend of mine. I think this Stampin' Up! set is called Botanicals something. It's one of the first sets I purchased years ago. It's so very simple.

After stampin' for awhile I felt the need to get the Cricut out. I really don't use it enough but I think that is all about to change. The Birthday Fairy told me there are some cool cartridges on there way this week! This card I made for my mom for Mother's Day. I used the Basic cartridge that come with the Cricut and Stampin' Up! paper.

Well, I guess that is enough horn blowing for one day.

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Tide Anyone?

THIS is why I do so much laundry!

Monday, May 18, 2009

Wild Party

I had some ladies over one night for food and drinks. This one doesn't look all that happy does she? Wonder what she's thinking? I be she is thinking, "I can't believe I have to sit on this dirty couch!" Or maybe she is thinking, "If that cat gets near me again I'm going to go after it with a knitting needle." Most likely she is thinking, "I wish I knew how to knit so I could be like the cool people."
She better learn to knit cause it looks like Nikki is about to take her out! Love ya Sarah!! (Remember I only give the one's I love the most the hardest time).

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Day at the Park

BEAUTIFUL day at the park today! Couldn't have asked for better weather.
I am going to miss this park and carousal after we move. Checking for sharks off the bridge.