Tuesday, April 7, 2009

MY socks!

These are MY new socks. I finally knitted socks for ME. Did I tell you they are MY socks?? Well, they are MY socks and they are fabulous and I love them! These are the same socks I talked about here and here and have been working on forever. They seemed to keep getting put on the back burner cause I would end up knitting for someone else. I was worried I wouldn't get them knit before it warmed up but there was really no need to worry cause it doesn't seem to want to warm up! Snow this past weekend...arg!! Anyway, I knitted MY socks to wear with these shoes and I bought these shoes at the bargain store for $3 to wear with MY socks. Guess what? The socks make my shoes too tight!
I'm wearing them anyway!


Nikki said...

LOL...I almost bought the SAME pair last time I was in New Glarus! ;0)
Love the sock by the way!

All Natural Mama said...

*sigh*. The discomfort we go through in the name of fashion! Hey, the socks are great, though!

Rachel said...

I agree, those socks are really cool!

Dawn said...

awwwwww the shoes are too tight :( but the socks are awesome!