Monday, April 6, 2009

Fishing with Uncle Mike

My kids LOVE their Great Uncle Mike...but then, seriously, who doesn't? Everytime they see him they get all excited and start screaming his name. Both kids wanted Uncle Mike to take them fishing. The man actually took off work early to go fishing with them! Then that I think about it.... maybe he isn't such a saint. What guy wouldn't take off work to go fishing?Sissy sat and held the pole long enough for this photo-op and then she was off running.
Bubby on the other hand fished almost the whole time.

He was actually able to reel in two fish (with a little extra help). He was so proud!

He wasn't real sure about it once the fish came out of the water. He touched it once and then said, "Throw it back!"


Rachel said...

I love the expression on his face in that last photo! He's like, "Ewwww, you mean we actually EAT that stuff?!"

Anonymous said...

I do have to agree that my Dad is pretty AWESOME!!!

miss you guys so much

Vixen said...

Will Uncle Mike take me fishing? I haven't been in forever.