Tuesday, March 10, 2009

My View & my Addiction

We have ALL been sick the past week. This is has been my view right now.
Most of this was to keep ME going so I could take care of all them this week. On a different note....as some of you may know I'm totally addicted to these.....

McDonald's Coke. Love them!! More expensive than going to the gas station but way more convenient with the drive thru and I swear they taste better.

So, for Lent I decided to give them up. Not necessarily FOR Lent...I'm not usually one to give up something at this time. I just decided that a couple people I know where giving up things...Coke and Diet Coke included and that I would join them. I am now on day 14 and feeling very proud of myself. I haven't had the headaches but then again I had Bronchitis...so I guess it's a trade off.

My friends on the other hand are losers and both have caved!!


Nikki said...

LOL...sorry your friends are such losers (present company excluded of course! ;0)
Kudos to you tho...you go girl! ;0)

Rachel said...

You go girl! Very proud of you!

(Oh, I noticed that you're reading Georgiana right now. Do you like it?)

Dawn said...

Pete says giving stuff up for Lent is just Dumb. That's all I have to say.

Meagan said...

That is unfortunate. Sometimes I think people label stuff "dumb" when they are just ignorant of the topic :) Good Job Lynn!!! I haven't caved! Don't lump me in with you "loser" friends! However, I am the token Catholic that apparently prays to statues. I'll talk to Mary and see if she can talk to Jesus - maybe I can get some guidance ;)

Heather said...

i never said i would do it, i said i should do it! big difference!!