Saturday, February 21, 2009

After Valentine's Day Party

We have had more Valentine's fun this year than ever before. We decided the kids didn't have enough sugar this week so we got them all together and poured sugar down them and let them run wild. Not really....we are very responsible adults and would never do such a thing. After Valentine's Day party with way too much yummy food. Yummy soup, salad and sandwiches....and of course chocolate and treats for the kids. These are pink popcorn balls. We sat them in front of the kids and then made them eat their lunch first. It didn't go over well.
They each decorated a cookie with sugary frosting and pretty sprinkles.
Then we let them loose with glitter pens! (the horror!!) At one point two glitter pens went missing and you have never seen mothers move so fast looking for them. Look at Bubby...he's thinking, "My mom never lets me play with these at home...interesting."

Everyone had such a wonderful time! Somehow it looks like I'm supposed to host the next holiday party. Not sure how that happened but it looks like St. Patty's Day is at my house!

I hope your week was just as sweet.


Rachel said...

Hee hee, will there be beer?

Dawn said...

wow that is quite the spread!