Friday, January 30, 2009

You know you're a grown-up when....

....having both cereal and fresh milk on hand is no longer the Herculean feat of timing it used to be. realize that your gyno, your dentist, and your congresswoman are all roughly the same age as you are.

.....the concept of owning two expensive sweaters instead of six cheap ones finally makes sense.

.....someone doing a phone survey asks to speak with the head of the household and you don't pause for a minute before you realize that's you. can go out for a nice dinner by yourself without feeling the overwhelming need to hide behind a paperback at the table.

.....having a drama queen in your life is a whol lot less enteraining than it used to be (excluding any contestants on The Bachelor, of course).


Katie said...

Hey there Flip Flopping Mamma, love your name! So cute and totally applies to me too. Used to live in CA and aquired a huge collection of fun strappy shoes and flip flops to match every outfit. Now that I'm in MI, I hardly get to wear each pair before the season is over and it's time to cover up those tootsies!

Thank you for visiting my blog and seeing my button pillow. I really appreciate your sweet compliment!

You are a hoot, love these ways to tell if you're a grown up and the organic pork rinds. Funny what people think is good for them! Was standing in line at McD the other day, man in front ordered a super sized meal and then a DIET coke, cause as he said in all seriousness, he's trying to lose weight and doesn't want all the empty calories!

Rachel said...

very true!

Leann I Am said...

I used to pause ALL THE TIME when they asked for the head of household. Even now, it's a bit surreal. How am I responsible for all of this???

Cereal and milk are absolute staples here. If we run out of either one, my children believe that they will die.

Speaking of drama queens....