Friday, January 9, 2009

Right now

Right now.....
  • the kids are napping...Sissy is sick. Nothing serious but I kept her home from school.
  • I have a headache cause I need a Coke. I hate being addicted to caffeine. I HAVE got to get off this stuff!

  • Only one more load of laundry needs folded and put away.

  • Bread is baking for supper.

  • It's snowing...again.

  • I have a million projects flipping around in my head but there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day. I received all these cool sewing gadgets for Christmas and haven't even been able to open them yet. I'm thinking if I use these items my tote bags I have been making might actually be square. I received this WONDERFUL yarn from the lovely AlohaKnitter some months ago and have yet to cast it on some needles. Speaking of needles.....

    ....I am still working on this project and I am LOVING my new circular needles. How did I knit without them?

I want to knit these gloves....they look like so much fun! And for some reason I'm thinking of tackling this sweater for myself. The Alohaknitter seems to think we need this sweater. Well, since I have yet to knit ONE thing for myself in the last 2 years I think I might give this a try. We'll see....
Man do I have a headache! ARG!!


Dawn said...

Wow I love that new yarn from aloha knitter. Of course you don't have anything for yourself that you have knitted. That is the curse of the crafter. I don't have a single piece of jewelry that I have made and we never got a mickey mouse sweatshirt either HA!

Nikki said...

OMG, I want that sweater!!!!!!!! I agree with DO need one!!!!!!!!!