Monday, January 5, 2009

Keeping Record

The year Sissy was born my friend Jenny gave me this wonderful Holiday Journal. It is to record 25 years of memories. It has places to write what the weather was like, what we wore, what you ate, where you went, best memory of the year and of Christmas. You also can keep a list of who you sent Christmas cards too and what gifts were received.

I have many scrapbooks for the kids with pictures of the holidays but I don't always go into a lot of detail in the journaling. That is why I love this book. I'm able to give each of the kids a great deal of detail about each of their Christmas' in one place.

So after putting all the Christmas decorations away this weekend I sat down with my new Miracle on 34th Street DVD and journaled about our holiday. Thank God I received this DVD for Christmas because my VCR ate my old VHS tape a week before Christmas. I've been waiting for it to die so I could get the DVD. Now I can watch all the extras and commentaries...cause that's what I do!

I also had a big piece of chocolate cake with tiny little peppermint candy canes on it. YUMMY!

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