Saturday, January 31, 2009

Easy Valentine's Day Wreath

I found this super cute Valentine's wreath on Little Birdie Secrets and decided we needed to make it. I noticed we do not have anything for Valentines up in the house so i decided a wreath was in order. I got to use all my new sewing tools and they made it even easier to cut a number of 2 inch squares of fabric.
It's amazing how easy it is to cut a perfect square when you have all the correct tools! You don't have to be so exact when you make your squares I just wanted to use my new tools.

I thought it would be a fun project to make with the kids but Sissy gave out after about 5 squares and Bubby just wanted to play in the glue. I on the other hand wanted to see this project completed.

You take the squares and wrap them around a pencil and then dip the fabric covered square in glue. Press the pencil tip into the Styrofoam heart. The glue should keep the fabric in the hole.The wreath should look nice and full like this. Attach a ribbon to the back and hang on door.


Meagan said...

Awesome! I think we'll have to try it!

C. Beth said...

That's very cute! And I like how easy it is for kiddos to help with it.

Rachel said...

OOOO, I really like it! I'm not usually into Valentine's Day decor, but this time I think I'm going to make something!

(Plus, my kids would just LOVE poking holes in something legal for once. Then again, if they actually have permission to do it, they probably won't want to.)