Tuesday, January 6, 2009

All Wrapped Up

We wrapped up the holiday season by putting all the decoration away this weekend. Sunday we got ready for church and really didn't pay that much attention to the weather. Right before we were to leave we got a call from a friend telling us we should probably think twice before getting out on the icy roads. It didn't look that bad but then Hubby walked out onto our drive and slid down the hill without even trying. So we took our church clothes off and with a full face of makeup and my hair done I started taking down decorations and cleaning the basement.

I sorted through a lot of my decorations and eliminated some of the worn or tarnished items. Then I wrapped everything nicely this year and boxed it all away (usually I just throw it in the boxes).
Don't worry...that's not ALL my decoration boxes...there are 4 more huge tubs off to the side. I don't have as much as my friend Suzanne but give me time....she has 2 or 3 years on me so I have time to catch up with her. Taking down all the decorations is a lot of work but there is something cleansing and freeing about taking it all down. The house always looks a little cleaner and bigger when I'm done.
After sorting through all the Christmas I decided to tackle the kid's toys. It's just getting out of hand! I moved all the toys out of the kid's room's and only put in their new toys. Then I went through all the old toys and ended up filling boxes and boxes for the local homeless shelter(shhhhh!....don't tell them!) I filled the back of mine and Hubby's truck. If you see anything in the picture that you gave to the kids I apologize but I they have out grown it and it just has to go.

I couldn't believe it but I was able to empty FIVE plastic tubs and I'm not really done yet. See those tubs?? They are EMPTY!! I still have 4 more boxes filled with household items I want to take to consignment. This week I'm going to set up part of the basement as a play area for the kids. Since we have the wood stove (more on that later) down there now it's warm and the kids can play downstairs all winter. It's not a finished basement by any means but it's a perfect place for them to ride their bikes.

I have some furniture I want to get rid of too but Hubby seems to think we need to hang onto it. We'll see who wins this one...


Jskippy11 said...

Would you come to my house and help me get that organized? I am a pack rat and I have a very hard time getting rid of stuff! I need help!

Dawn said...

Kids don't need a "finished Basement" all they need is a "coal room" and a light bright.

Liz Foley said...

Does this mean you will be taking that furniture to the Goodwill when Hubby is at work - like you did with all his clothes?