Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Happy New Year!

My computer is under repair right now so I will not be posting till next week. Maybe I can learn how to use my new camera without the computer around. Did I tell you I got a new camera? It's pretty awesome and looks like a jet plane it has so many buttons. Maybe someday I'll figure them all out.

See ya next week!

Holiday Open House

Every school year isn't complete without the end of year holiday open house. I was a bad mamma and forgot the camera at Sissy's end of year concert and open house. I thought it was in my purse and when I got there nothing. So, just take a moment and envision 150 primary school children singing their favorite Christmas the vision?? I was still able to capture all the sugared fun at Bubby's open house. They decorated cookies, made bracelets and ate yummy snacks.
Daddy got a little help with his Santa Claus. Look at the concentration!

Monday, December 28, 2009

A Little Christmas Rewind

I hope everyone had a wonderful Holiday. The tree has been thrown out the back door. The garland, Santa's and lights have been tucked away in plastic tubs for next year. It's all gone...You would never know Christmas was here if you didn't notice the toy room with the $4,000 worth of toys that no one is playing with. Sorry, but I am usually a tree-gone-by-December-26th-kind-of-gal but since we were traveling this year everything came down a little later than usual.

There was much merry making, baking and crafting the couple of weeks before Christmas and I'm even though it's all very clean and uncluttered around here now I'm going to try and catch you all up a little at a time.

Sissy and I made these turtle/pretzel thingys. Not sure what they are called. We arranged pretzels on a cookie sheet with a Hershey Kiss on top. Popped them (in my mouth) in the oven on 200 degrees for about 15 minutes then when they came out put a pecan on top. When they have cooled a bit you drizzle caramel on top of the chocolate and pretzel. I've seen them made with Rollo's also and I think that would have been easier...but I was trying to use what I had on hand (yes I have Kisses and caramel on hand at all times). We also made what we call Ritz cookies. My Grandma always made these and they are super easy! You take two Ritz crackers and put peanut butter between them. Then you melt Almond Bark in a small crock pot. You take the peanut butter sandwich cookies and dip them in the chocolate. You can use white or dark chocolate and you can also use the Ritz that already have peanut butter in them. Makes for some crazy simple cookies. I used whole wheat crackers and organic peanut butter so it's not AS bad to eat a dozen in a one setting...not that I would EVER do that! (Note: These recipes did not come from a book or magazine I totally made them up).
While we were doing all this in the house hubby was doing THIS in the garage. I'm not sure what he was doing. He was replacing THIS and reworking THAT and putting THAT on the back and THIS on the front....I really have no clue. All I know is I had to run to town twice for parts and now it runs so much better!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009


Another tear jerker commercial.....

I'm going to keep it up till I make ALL of you cry so you might as well just give in.

All I want for Christmas...

We visited a local Santa this weekend. The kids were quick to put in their lists. Sissy would like a Nintendo DS. I really hope she isn't too disappointed if (when) it doesn't arrive. We aren't huge on video games around her. I have nothing against them they just aren't our thing and I don't want her nose stuck in one all the time.
Then it was Bubby's turn.
Santa: 'What would you like for Christmas?'
Bubby: 'A dog leash, collar, dog bowl and cage.'
Santa: 'What your dog's name?'
Bubby: 'We don't have a's for my sissy'.
That's when I got the look from Santa.

Monday, December 21, 2009

I'm a Big Girl Blogger Now

You know what happens when your blog hits go from 6 to 600 in a day? You get hateful emails from women knitters.....but you also get awesome emails from around the world and from women like Ree, The Pioneer Woman. So, it all evens out I guess.

I know I'm going to get a lot more hateful emails for posting about this but ultimately this is my blog and I can talk about what I want and I need to clear the air. I also do not have to post the negative comments I have received because they are hateful. That's not what I want for this blog. I use this blog to talk about happy fun things we are doing as a family and what I am doing craft-wise.

As you already know in November I gifted The Pioneer Woman a pair of gloves from a free pattern I found online. On December 16th after PW put up a post about these gloves I posted about how excited I was about this and included a link to the designer of the gloves and to Ravelry. I included all the appropriate links plus the yarn color and needle size. Within hours I received an email from a lady saying it was 'illegal to post a fellow designer's pattern'. I immediately took all the info off the blog cause I was sure I was doing something wrong. I can prove this statement because if you look at the comments of my blog from December 16th you will see that someone saw the pattern and then couldn’t find it the second time they came to my blog. This person left a comment looking for the pattern that they had once seen on my blog.

I was given wrong information to follow from the beginning. I apologize that I didn’t go to the designer and try to clear things up but I thought I was already in trouble. I assumed that if I took the link off my blog that I wouldn’t be offending anyone anymore.

Then I get an email from the designer wanting to know ‘about my commercial use of her design’. There was no commercial use of her design. I replied to her email stating the gloves were 'a gift to PW'. For me it was an honor for PW to post about the gloves I gave her but I never asked for the recognition and I never asked for women to offer to purchase them.

Apparently I didn't respond quick enough on a Saturday before Christmas because I got another email from the designer saying I had to amend my blog and 'if your blog is not updated by noon (PST) on Sunday 20 December, I will make an official DMCA complaint to Blogger/Google which could result in your entire blog being taken offline until you can prove that you are not in violation of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act'. I guess I'm lucky I was even looking at my email this weekend and not at a holiday party. So, I edited MY blog for the second time in so many days.

I completely understand where the designer is coming from and in a attempt to make everyone happy I just pissed off another group of women who began to slander me and who keep sending me hateful emails (don't you have something to knit?!)

It was mentioned by a couple of people that I refer to these gloves as MY gloves and I can't do that because I didn't design them. Well, of course they are MY gloves! I knitted them! What knitter goes around saying, 'Hey look at the gloves I knitted but they really aren't mine they are Vogue knitting from March 1999.' Who does that??

I’m not selling this designer' gloves or the pattern. I only knitted a pair of gloves and gave them as a gift. I NEVER said this was MY pattern. I never wanted any credit for this pattern. I only wanted to give a fellow blogger a gift. It was stated many times in the comments of PW’s blog where the pattern came from. I never disputed that!

I have been sent some hateful emails from fellow knitters and I am truly saddened. Instead of trying to find out the whole story a number of people make some snap judgements and jumped in ready to hang me.

I've learned some really great lessons about my blog and human nature this weekend. I have received some great emails from wonderful women around the world complementing my blog. I also have a much greater appreciation for the big time women bloggers who have to deal with negativity and snap judgements on a daily basis. I really don't know how they deal with it. But for now I think I will take Ree's advice and 'not worry about this for one more second.'

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Fingerless Glove Pattern

People have expressed interest in where I found the pattern for the fingerless gloves that I gave to The Pioneer Woman. The pattern is called Fetching and can be found on Knitty.

Thursday, December 17, 2009

Knitting my fingers to the bone

Did you hear I was mentioned on The Pioneer Woman's blog??? You mean you didn't get that phone call, text, Facebook post or hear me SCREAM it from the roof tops?? Where the heck have you been??
The response to these little ol' fingerless gloves has been so AMAZING! I swear Ree has the Oprah touch or something. She mentions your product and BAM everyone wants it. I think I may need to get some elves...or teach the children how to drive themselves to school cause I won't have time for anything but knitting from now on.

Again...a HUGE thank you to everyone who has stopped by. Such a blessing this has been! back to knitting!

Wednesday, December 16, 2009


Yes...I meant to type that title in ALL CAPS because I'm VERY excited right now. Remember how we went to see Pioneer Woman in St. Louis last month? Well, like I said I made her a pair of gloves and the Alohaknitter made her a scarf. We both secretly hoped but never dreamed we would actually get a mention on PW's blog. Today I start checking my email and I am getting email after email about these gloves! I couldn't figure out how these women knew me and then it hit me.... I was on PW's blog!!! Ree actually posted about MY gloves on her blog...well they are her gloves now but they will always be kinda 'my' gloves. I am so excited!

I wish I could give Ree a hug and tell her thank you for all the wonderful ladies who have stopped by my blog today.

Some have showed interest in purchasing them and yes I will make you a pair of fingerless gloves...just leave a comment or email me.

Thanks for all the wonderful emails from all the wonderful ladies across the country. This is so exciting for me!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Holiday Surprise!

I found another tear jerker Christmas commercial. It's for Publix...which I think is a grocery store.

Monday, December 14, 2009

No Scrooges Here!

If this commercial doesn't make you tear up then I don't know what is wrong with you! On Thanksgiving I was setting the table with my sister (alright...I was looking busy and she was setting the table) and this commercial came on during the Macy's parade. We both just stopped and started crying.

We don't even drink coffee!!

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas around the house

We decorated a Gingerbread house the other night. Sissy had a lot of fun making it 'snow' on the house.
I finally have all the Christmas up around the house. Garland on the stairs. I love my stairs. I love that I get to drape it with garland.

We picked out a GREAT tree this year! We have 10 foot ceilings so we were able to get a HUGE one.

Now...I need to get my Christmas cards done and I still have LOT'S of knitting to do!

Friday, December 11, 2009

From Pioneer Woman to Little House on the Prairie

I'm not sure who was more excited but I took Sissy to Little House on the Prairie The Musical at the Fabulous Fox Theater in St. Louis. It's so much fun to live so close to St. Louis now so we can visit all these fun places. What fun we would have if we lived there. All the cultural activities they have there would be so much fun!Sissy was such a princess for a day! We got dressed up, had popcorn, roasted nuts, and hot cocoa. Sissy and her Aunt (my Sissy) right before we were almost arrested for taking a picture of the stage. Apparently it's copyrighted. It seems NOBODY has the right to copy their backdrop of sky and wheat...don't tell the state of Kansas but I think they are in trouble.After the play we headed over to The Cheesecake Factory and then did a little Crate and Barrel shopping. The Fox is AMAZING inside and I highly recommend it to everyone. Such a fun girl's day!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pioneer Woman!

When I found out months ago that The Pioneer Woman was coming to this area for a book signing tour I got more than a LITTLE excited. I couldn't wait to go to St. Louis to an intimate little book signing and meet and talk with her. Boy, was I in for it!!

The Alohaknitter joined me on my little adventure. First, I took her to one of the most expensive places in the St. Louis area to shop....St. Charles. We touched $300 scarves and $500 Christmas ornaments. It was very humbling. Even though it was pouring down rain it was a lot of fun to walk about the quaint little shops with NO CHILDREN. We were able to find a yarn shop and after that it was all good. Can't wait to make socks out of this pretty hand dyed yarn. Then after much mall shopping, coffee, coke, chocolate, and pasta we made out way to the St. Louis Cathedral to meet my sister and attend our intimate little book signing. Intimate....only if you call a book signing with 999 other people intimate! I took this picture off PW's website and I hope she doesn't mind. Her camera is WAY better than mine and it really shows how HUGE this place was and just exactly how many people were there. I made her these fingerless gloves so hopefully she won't sue me for using her picture. The Alohaknitter and myself tried to think of something to give to her that A: wasn't food and B: she MIGHT actually use. We decided on the fingerless gloves so she can get up at 4am to take photos and keep her hands warm but still be able to use her fingers. The Alohaknitter made her a scarf to match. I wonder if she has gifted them to Goodwill yet? Now keep in mind I had been up since 6am. It had been a REALLY long day and by the time we finally were able to speak to Ree it was 11pm! Some were able to fall asleep in the middle of 1,000 people but not me. Finally at 11pm we were able to talk to Ree, give her our presents and have her sign our book. Notice my gloves in front on her on the table??! The Alohaknitter has this thing about people holding her knitting so I guess I now have a picture of PW holding someone ELSE'S knitting...oh well... ha! We didn't get back home to 1am but it was all worth it! She signed my book! Her son signed my book and even her hubby, The Marlboro Man, signed it. So worth it!!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

I am going to sell him to the gypsy's

My friend said, "Oh mom ...he was just trying to help." I told her he is about to help himself right out of this house. Now I have to repaint the wall.

Thursday, November 19, 2009

You want the good news or the bad news first?

Alright the good news is....we have eggs! We received our first pullet egg on Monday and we were all so excited. Finally!....these ladies are giving back a little. We have now received three eggs and if you look at the size of them can tell we now have TWO hens laying. The first egg is our first pullet egg from Monday. We are thinking the second is another pullet from another hen and the third egg is the second egg from the first hen. Understand? So, basically what I'm saying is we have TWO layers at this point. I am very excited about this. We aren't sure at this time which hens are laying. We think one is Sarah but we aren't sure. for the bad news. Not 20 minutes after getting our first egg and texting to everyone to tell them how happy I am about this (yeah I's all I got going on right now) something got into the chickens and we had a massacre on our hands! I thought ALL the hens but one were gone. I was so upset!! As the day went on I discovered Elizabeth was hurt and all the hens but one came back from their hiding places.

Judy the hen is no longer with us...... My mom, who the hen was named after, finds this to be a creepy omen. Maybe we should rethink this naming the hens after someone we know.

We've lost it!

Another tooth that is......

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Introducing the girls

Let me introduce you to my girls......this is Judy. The kids decided my mom needed a chicken named after her in her honor.

My bestest buddy Farmerfoley sold us all the chickens so we decided they should all (but Judy) be named after her and her family. Seems logical, right? This is Ada...she is named after Aiden, Farmerfoley's son.
Meet Sarah...she is the blond with the small comb.
This is Matty...named after Matthew. Matty is a little larger than the other hens. This is Elizabeth....named after the Farmerfoley herself. She is the blond with the large comb.

And this is where we ran out of Farmerfoley family members so we had to name one hen after Shelby the dog. I won't tell her she's named after a dog if you won't. After naming all the hens the next logical step is to decorate the hen house. I thought this cute little sign would not only be fun but might give the hens a hint at what they are supposed to be doing.....LAYING EGGS! All their northern sisters are already laying!
Sissy said if the sign doesn't work maybe we should put a picture of a fried chicken in the hen house. I had to sit down and wipe the tears from my eyes I was laughing so hard. She is getting more and more like Wednesday Addams everyday....haha!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009

The rain FINALLY stopped for us to have a beautiful Halloween. I could have sworn I saw a dove with an olive branch fly by on Saturday. The kids couldn't wait to get their costumes together. Sissy has such strong ideas of how her make-up should look. I didn't put enough blood on her but that's the way it always is isn't it? The older generation always thinks the younger generation is wearing too much make-up/blood. Notice how I walked near the corn and took the kid's picture? You should be proud of me! You never know what is in that corn! Thank God it's stopped raining so the farmers can hopefully get the corn picked and out of here and then I won't have to worry about aliens anymore.

After getting all dressed up....I went as a mean ol' mommy....we headed out to the annual Halloween parade. This parade was basically an hour and a half of candy. Candy being thrown from every kind of vehicle imaginable. This guy had his wife laid out in style. Every few minutes she would sit up and throw out some candy. This groups preformed the whole Thriller dance on a moving float. It was really good!! I hope they won something.
We won candy...good candy...not just some hard candy and a couple of tootsie rolls but GOOD candy!
I'm off to the gym now.....

Saturday, October 31, 2009

My view of things this week

This has been my view this week.... rain, lot's of rain and more rain. Harvest has come to a complete stop around here. Our road is almost totally underwater. But I think the sun is FINALLY going to come out this week. I would have to say after a weeks worth of hard rain the sun really does look wonderful.So...the Lord willing and the creek don't rise we will hopefully be able to make it to town tonight to do a little trick or treating.