Tuesday, December 9, 2008


We have had a tremendous about of rain, ice and snow in the past 24 hours. I really do love all this snow but I'm still a bit amazed at how much is dumped on us at one time and how it seems to never go away!
Even with all the snow the roads are always clean. I'm still amazed by this too! I've seen the snowplow more today then I ever saw in my entire life while living south of here.

Hubby is just so excited to FINALLY get to use his new snow blower. We've never had one before so this is a lot of fun for him. My dad found it at auction this summer for $150! Such a bargain!!
He is finally able to pay the neighbor back for all the snow blowing help he has given to us in the past couple of years.
Just deep enough to play in but not so deep he can't walk. Lovin' it!!

Aggravated that her Bubby won't pull her down the hill. I only went out to take photos...not actually going to touch the snow myself!


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Remember when we used to try to get Sam the beagle to pull us on the sled?