Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Merry Christmas!

All be it a little late but Merry Christmas! This house really has been a flurry of activity around here for the last 2 weeks. I'll try and get you caught up.... Hubby was told he would have no leave for the holidays so after the initial shock (pissoffness...is that a word? Doesn't matter...I was pissed!) wore off I got used to the idea of being 8 hours from family and friends. I had all these plans and traditions we were going to do for the kids. Christmas Eve services at church, a huge breakfast and a lazy day of playing with toys and watching it snow.

I was even a little excited about the white Christmas. I've had VERY few white Christmas' in my life. They are usually brown and muddy. So, Thursday BEFORE Christmas Hubby comes home and tells me he gets the whole week of Christmas off! I'm excited but I had my mind wrapped around staying here. I wasn't finished with presents!! I thought I had extra time! ACK!! How was I supposed to get it all done to leave on Saturday (ONLY 2 days away!)

So after much knitting and sewing I finished everything and we left on Sunday afternoon. Would you believe I actually made make-up bags WITH zippers?! I'll post about those at a later date.

So, over the river and through the blizzard to Grandma & Papa's house we drove (actually Hubby drove and I knitted). It was -8 below zero when we left and the wind was horrible! I actually saw a women get out of her car at a gas station to walk her tiny little dog. The dog became airborne! I am NOT kidding. She had to hold the poor little thing down so it could relieve itself. haha!!

Christmas Eve we were able to meet with friends we have not seen in a long time.

We had yummy food in Suzanne's beautifully decorated home. The kids (big and little) played with the toy train and watched Polar Express. Before bed we made sure Santa's reindeer were well fed.


Meagan said...

Wow! Those are some great looking kids sitting so nicely by the tree! Who on earth is the chick with the HUGE hair in the pic on the table behind them??? :)

Flipfloppingmamma said...

I would have killed for that hair!

Dawn said...

You know all that 80's crap is coming back-maybe the hair will too.

Rachel said...

Just catching up on your posts . . .

Looks like you had a really nice Christmas. Great pics of the horrible weather - I might have to steal them for my blog!

So glad you got to see your family!