Thursday, December 11, 2008

Christmas around the house

The tree is up.There is even a present under the tree for me! It's not wrapped cause I HAD to have one of the circular needles out of it so I could finish some of the projects for Christmas. I HAD to have it...ok??Mr. & Mrs. Claus....thanks to Suzanne.
Antique glass Christmas lights that belonged to my grandma and Santa candle that my mom has had forever.

My new pencil tree from Aunt ME. We strung popcorn and cranberries the other night while watching A Christmas Story.
I bought a Precious Moments Nativity set made of resin. I thought for sure it would be indistructable....yeah...the wise men aren't fairing so well. Bubby is pretty hard on them.


jskippy11 said...

Half of my ornaments are off the tree sitting on my desk. I figure there is no use putting them back on. Chase can not keep his hands off of them! About half of those that are off, are in need of a little super glue! Kids, got to love them! Your trees look very pretty!

Rachel said...

Heh heh, they're not so wise - they lost their heads, lol!

(Okay, you're free to groan.)

Nikki said...

What a good idea to put those old bulbs in that glass like that...that looks so cute! I'm totally stealing that idea! lol