Saturday, November 1, 2008

Slight Sugar Buzz

What a night!! As they get older this holiday seems to get REALLY labor intensive. I'm exhausted! Maybe I should go and sneak some candy....hmmmm......

Halloween really is such a fun night. I mean who doesn't like to dress up and ask for free candy??? What a great holiday!
Farmerfoley and myself took the little Indian, cowboy, princess (and horse in the stroller) around the neighborhood. I think Bubby was a little overwhelmed. He didn't seem to really get why we were doing all this walking around asking for candy.

This lovely witch had her front door all decorated so pretty......she really gets into the holiday.
Down the street from us there is a HUGE Halloween display. Traffic is backed up for blocks! I took some pics in the daylight because there are just so many people at night to get a good picture. This is the man responsible. I think he really worked his legs off this year!!
Luckily we were able to find them down the street under a rock.

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All Natural Mama said...

The kids costumes are AWESOME.
Okay, the picture of the legs sticking out from under the rock really does look like a real person!