Wednesday, November 5, 2008

She's Here!!!

The kids (and me too of course) could not have been more excited for Aunt Dawn to come and visit. The day pretty much went like this....

Sissy: "Is she here yet?"
Me: "No, she is coming Saturday."
Sissy: "Is today Saturday? If it's Saturday then why isn't she here yet?"
Bubby: "Dawn go???"
Me: "We will go and get her after supper?"
Sissy (at 10:30am): "Can we eat now?"

Finally 'after supper' arrived and we were able to meet up with Dawn. Sissy wanted to go to bed immediately just so she could sleep on her trundle bed and Dawn on the top bed.

While she was here we shopped, of course. We had to drive to Wisconsin because Dawn had never been. We ate cheese curds and baked goods. While sitting in front of this church monument we noticed this man's poor name etched in the side....

Surely it's not pronounced the way I am pronouncing it??

It was absolutely the perfect weekend for the trees. They could not have been prettier.


Dawn said...

Wow, I must say, that is a stunning photo of the kids. (heheee!)

meagan said...

Lynn always makes me look fantastic too! I think we should just start hiring her from now on! Great pic Dawn!!

Rachel said...

Sounds like a nice weekend, and your sister is very pretty!

All Natural Mama said...

That tombstone is fascinating! :-)