Thursday, October 2, 2008

It's a Cat Trap I Swear!

Since putting in our garden earlier this spring the rabbits have gone crazy around here. Hubby even found a rabbit nest in the garden! So, Papa told the kids they needed a rabbit trap to catch the pesky green bean eaters.

Check out that mouth!! He was so excited to use the power tools.

We brought the trap home and placed it in the backyard. Not sure what Hubby intended to do with the rabbit once we caught it but let's not think about that right now.

So, this past weekend we had friends visiting. The friend also happens to be the local CPO. He takes one look at our innocent little rabbit trap and says, "That's a cat trap, right?" Hubby said, "No, it's a rabbit trap, why?" Mr. CPO proceeds to tell him that rabbit traps are illegal unless you have a trapping license. Well, of course it's a cat trap! What else would it be Mr. CPO?

(By the way....we haven't seen a rabbit since we brought the stupid trap home!)


Liz Foley said...

well then it is a great deterrent!

dawn said...

Not only did you let you kids use power tool but you tought them to make something illegal :)

Rachel said...

It's for hopping vegan cats with really long ears.

And short tails.