Thursday, October 16, 2008

Apple Pie with Homemade Crust

I have recently had a couple different people ( was one person) ask me how to make pie crust. So, I have decided since my Blog is my voice to the world I will post how crazy simple it is to make pie crust. I am no expert....that would be my mom but since she doesn't have a blog I will educate you on pie crust instead of her. (Maybe I need guest bloggers?????....I'm going to have to look into that.)

First, you need to start out with 2/3 Cup butter flavored Crisco. It HAS to be butter flavored and it HAS to be cold. I keep mine in the fridge all the time. I have also found this handy dandy Measure All cup from Pampered Chef. I LOVE this thing! Crisco is pretty much the only thing I use it for but it's also handy for mayo or peanut butter.

Add the Crisco to 2 cups of flour. Always spoon your flour into your measuring cup...never scope it. You will pack it down and it will not be the same amount.

After you have added the Crisco to the flour use a pastry blender, pastry cutter, a spoon or whatever you want to blend the Crisco with the flour. You want to cut it into the flour not just stir it. I have a ongoing debate with Meagan about whether you should use a food processor or not. We have both seen Paula Deen and Martha Stewart use a food processor to combine their flour and Crisco. Meagan swears by it and I am still undecided. The food processor does make great dough but for this particular demonstration I am going to do it the old fashion way.

You want the flour and Crisco to be very crumbly. Once it is thoroughly mixed start adding COLD tablespoons of water. You will probably use 5-6 tablespoons of water (more or less). After each tablespoon keep cutting the Crisco into the flour.

You want the mixture to start forming a ball. You do not want it sticky but you also do not want it so dry it is falling apart.

Form the dough into two balls to make a bottom and top crust.

Make sure your counter is well floured and/or use a nonstick pastry mat (like I use). Also, try to roll the dough out on a cool counter top. In other words....don't roll it out on the counter above your warm dishwasher. It will stick!

After rolling out the dough place in a large pie plate.

Fill with apples. I used about 6 cups of apples, 1 cup of sugar, 2 tablespoons of cornstarch (for thickening) and 1 teaspoon of cinnamon. Roll out your second ball of dough. This particular pie I used my new handmade rolling pin my mom gave to me. It has grooves cut into it so you can cut the dough into strips with ease. Not only is it beautiful it makes a wonderful top for a pie!

This new rolling pin makes the easiest lattice pie top. I love it!! After placing all the stripes of dough on the top crimp the edges. We are almost done...hang with me!

After crimping the edges of the pie take an egg yolk and a tablespoon of water and whisk it up. Take your fingers and lightly spread the egg yolk over the top of the pie. Do not pour or you will have fried egg on top of your pie. Just dab it on the top for a wonderful golden color. After you have added the egg yolk cut up butter and lay it across the top. I probably used about a half a stick of just depends on how much butter you want.

Now you can sprinkle with cinnamon and sugar. You can buy the cinnamon and sugar already combined or you can add it individually. You are done! You have just made an entire pie crust from scratch all by yourself. Now cook it. 400 degrees for 45minutes to an hour. You could also freeze it before you cook it if you want. Just be sure to put the pie in a tin pie plate or a freezer to oven dish.

Note: Would you believe it took me longer to post about this pie than it did to actually make it? Now you see why I never get anything accomplished around here??!


meagan said...

Beautiful pie Lynn!!! I've never seen your rolling pin?!?! That rocks! I'll make a pie next week with my silicon rolling pin and my food processor :) I swear it comes out just as nice as when I do it all by hand.

Nikki said...

That rolling pin is amazing!!!! And that pie looks incredible...

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the easy directions Lynn. That pie looks good enough to eat :) yummm

I'm not a fan of apple or cherry pie. How do you suppose substituting it for coconut cream instead of fruit?

I'm not pie savvy.


Suzanne said...

Wait a minute! I thought I went to Lynn's website??? Is this Lynn's or Pioneer Woman's! hahahahaha Great job Lynn. I know your pies are always delicious! And that rolling pin is crazy! WOW how fun!!! I always used a pizza cutter for my dumplins! How did they turn out? Real uniform I bet! Neat!!!

Liz Foley said...

ya know - they sell pie crusts in the freezer section of your grocery store....muc easier!!