Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Scandelous Behavior

Last night a group of 6 very Elite women met with some very scandalous behavior in mind....we met in a group WITHOUT children! I know...it's shocking...but we made it happen.

The book club I belong too...but am not the leader of....met at FarmerFoley's to discuss The Heretic's Daughter and I believe a good time was had by all. The Mrs. Farmer made sure we had plenty of wood for the fire. Note: this is NOT a skid loader...who knew?
The food was so very yummy: Devil's food cake, witches hats, black chips and blood red salsa, pumpkin bread and apple cake. We convened around the fire and had a wonderful discussion about the book and life in general. You just never know what you'll find out when you get a group of women alone around a fire. You also never know who is listening so the next time I decide to cast any spells I'll make sure to stay away from the logs rolling out of the fire to singe me!

After discussing the book we decided to take a creepy walk down the country road with our candles. Once again we were 17! Can't wait for the next one!

(Check out the Pook Monster for another view point.)


dawn said...

I'll have to send you witch doctor necklace.

Nikki said...

i want to be in the next book club..looks too fun!