Monday, September 15, 2008

Good Housewife?

My Grandma always said that a sign of a good housewife was her hands. She would look at a woman's hands and if they were all rough and nails split and jagged then she said she must be a good worker.

Grandma's hands looked rough a lot because she prided herself on how hard she worked. She wanted you to know that she had been up since before dawn slaving away. For anyone who knew my Grandma this picture IS her. She LOVED to mow and work in the yard. I can't smell fresh cut grass without thinking of her. I also can't drink a 7up without thinking of her. She always had soda at her house and we never did!

Before I had children I always had acrylic nails so I always looked like I had a perfect french manicure. I still cleaned and scrubbed but my nails didn't look like I did. Anyone who has had acrylic nails knows it takes quite a bit to break one...unless you are on the way to your wedding then all you have to do is look cross eyed at the nail and it will pop right off.

Every time Grandma would see me she would grab my hands and say, "Well, I can see who hasn't been doing any work!" In other words, "Your poor husband! He probably hasn't had a good home cooked meal in months!"

Well, this week I think Grandma would be real proud of my hands. I have been canning all week and they look horrible! My hands are stained from apple butter and dry and cracked from washing them a million times. My nails are split and cracked. I did finally file them this morning in church. I know! horrible thing to do in church but it's the ONLY time I get to sit by myself.

So, what do you think makes a good housewife?


dawn said...

yeah well all I have to say is grandma had OCD about cleaning so I can't take advice on housework from her.

Liz Foley said...

I am proud!

Nikki said...

LOL, my hands always look like crap, and I am NOT a good housewife! Just ask my husband ;0P