Thursday, August 14, 2008

Picking with Friends

Since I don't have enough to do I decided I needed to can cherries this year. FarmerFoley was nice enough to take me to her friend Jim's. The kids had a great time playing and all things considered cherries are easy to pick so it wasn't all that bad.

Mr. Jim took the kids for a ride around his farm. They couldn't have been more pleased.

A crop duster kept buzzing over us. I tried to get a really nice picture of the biplane but it just did not happen.

I could have just stayed there forever. We could have not been in a prettier area.

After 2 hours of picking I thought we had a ton of cherries.....but after canning them it seems we only got enough for 7 quarts....

....that's we REALLY need to eat anymore cherry pies than that a year??

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