Friday, August 8, 2008

Girls Night Out

Had to come home and blog about my fabulous night out with the girls. Ok...we were just knitting and talking but it was just too much fun.

Super Christian Girl was just too wonderful to open her home to us. She kept FarmerFoley laughing all night with her stories. Which just made us laugh even more...cause have ya heard FarmerFoley's laugh? It's like nothing you have ever heard.
The Texting Guru helped us all figure out our phones and kept us laughing remembering all our old dance moves.
Aloha Knitter kept her head low and her needles flying. She knitted the sweater....I started the sock. So not right....

It's good to have friends...even better to have really good friends to laugh so much with that people would think you had been drinking.


Nikki said...

I had such a BLAST on Friday! I haven't laughed that hard in....well I can't even remember, thats how long! I'm looking forward to doing a SATC marathon, and just hanging out again, maybe at my house this time if I can clean it and unpack all the boxes! lol

Danielle said...

Sounds like you girls had a terrific night out :) I just love to read Rachel's blog, she cracks me up. She claims you have sock knitting gnomes hidden somewhere in your house you know lol ;) Plus flip flops Rock on so many levels!!