Thursday, August 7, 2008

Come Sail Away

Since gas is at the highest it has EVER been in the history of the free world we have decided this is the summer we should travel all over the country. This weekend we had a wonderful visit with relatives.

The kids and Hubby were able to do a little fishing. Since it was 110 degrees (seriously!) I layed on the bank and tried to move as little as possible.

Uncle took the kids on his sailboat. They LOVED that! Couldn't get enough of it.

Later that night we took the kids bowling. Neither one of them had ever been before. I would like to take Sissy more cause she talks about it all time...even though she's never been. They could not have been more excited.

Sissy took it VERY seriously!

Bubby would throw the ball and then become bored quickly cause it took SO LONG for the ball to reach the pins.

Sissy scored 91, Bubby scored 90, Mommy scored 57. hahaha!! I think I need bumpers next time.

New Baby Nephew could have cared less.

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