Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ice Straight Ahead!

Ice Straight Ahead! Can you name the movie?? You won't get a fancy prize...just the satisfaction of saying you know your 90's movies.
We hiked up to see an Exit Glacier. It was so amazing to see!! It was raining and very cold but so amazing to be that close to a glacier. The ice is so blue. My pictures really are not doing Alaska justice.
Yesterday we took a boat out to see a calving glacier near Whittier, Alaska. The most unusual town I have ever seen. Only one way in and out of the town...through a long 2 1/2 mile tunnel through a mountain. Cars share the tunnel with the train so you can only go through at certain times. All 250 towns people live in ONE building. They say it cuts down on snow removal. It was sleeting and raining on us all day...very cold! We were lucky enough to see some of the glacier calving. Wonderful experience....except for the freakin' tunnel. I could do without that exerperiance again.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad your enjoying yourselves! The pictures are awesome. Fred's sister and brother-in-law are doing a cruise that will take them the same places you are seeing now, they go in August.

Keep having fun!!

jskippy11 said...

Yeah, that tunnel would totally freak me out! Mike told me you are visiting all the same places that he went when him and his brother and dad went.. the only way I will probably ever see Alaska is through your pictures!