Thursday, July 3, 2008

Happy Anniversary

Happy 10 years honey!

Don't we look young in that picture? (Sorry about the photo quality but it's scanned in...before digital. ) The last 10 years has really aged us I think. (I am the ONLY one allowed to say that!) But I think moving 4 times, remodeling 2 homes, building one, and having 2 children will do that to a couple.

We are keeping it very quiet today. We went out to dinner on Monday night and in 11 days we are leaving for a trip to Alaska!! YIPEE! WOOHOO!! I'm kinda excited.

I made this card for Hubby today. I'm sure he will appreciate all the Stampin' Up! products I used on it..heehee!

Today is also my parents wedding anniversary. Happy Anniversary Mom and Dad!

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Liz Foley said...

If you two are not the cutest thing ever! Love the cowboy hat!! (Ask him where his ascot and britches are!)