Friday, July 4, 2008

Happy 4th of July

I just love 4th of July!! Our town did fireworks last night so we bundled up and went to see them. read right...we bundled up. I swear I feel like we are living in Australia or something cause it is NOT supposed to be this cool in July. You are supposed to sweat and sweat and not be able to breath from the humidity when you go to the fireworks. Bundling up is not natural!
I tried to get pics of the kids watching the fireworks but of course, guess who, would not
When you tell Bubby to smile you get this crazy lowered eye growl look out of him.

Here he is just disgusted with the whole thing and could care less about the camera. Sissy looks EXACTLY the same in every picture though!

I made this simple cake last night for our anniversary and 4th of July. It's supposed to be red, white, and blue. I know it LOOKS pink but it really wasn't in real life. I'm going to blame it on the camera. It's not all that glamorous but the kids liked putting 10 candles on it and blowing them out.

We are off tonight to a neighboring town to see more fireworks tonight. Where is my sweatshirt.....

Happy 4th of July!

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