Sunday, June 1, 2008

While I Slept....

While I slept.....

my mom and sister worked their little fingers to the bone.

Notice how I have on a fleece jacket and I'm wrapped in fleece. It was like 90 that day and everyone else is hot. I had a 102 temp and I was freezing! It was the start of my horrible illness. I think I'm about over it now...2 weeks later.

Anyway...back to the jelly. There were lot's of strawberries to be picked and lot's of jelly to be made. It is yummy!!


Rachel said...

Oh gosh that looks yummy! Strawberry jelly - mmmmmm. Much more appetizing than our ole' pokey grape. :(

(Do you think I can get them to come over here and can for me while I snooze away, lol?)

Dawn said... really looks like more jars in person.