Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Skinned Him!

I have decided it is just too hard to take Bubby to the salon to have his hair cut. It doesn't really cost all that much but it seems like we are there every other week and it really cuts into my day...and HE WILL NOT SIT STILL for the hair cut! It's insane. I feel so bad for the hairdresser. Bubby is spinning like a top and she is running around and around him trying to cut his hair.

So, the other night I gave in and let Hubby cut his hair. It turned out pretty good. He looks so grown up now.

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Rachel said...

I always cut my menfolks' hair, and I couldn't imagine having to haul Peter to the salon every two or three weeks! Much easier to buzz 'im at home, I think.

Plus, it makes great threat material if I wave the buzzer over his head and threaten to take off the guard . . .