Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Pr!vo...I'm in Love!

I'm so in love with my new shoes. Not only are they Pr!vo's and so super comfy, they were ON SALE with FREE shipping!! You just can't get any better than that. I think I need them in every color.

Disclaimer: I know they are not flip flops but I HAD to get them. I have also been wearing them a LOT. Wonder if I should change my name to Pr!vomamma?


Meagan said...

Ah! Pr!vo's!! Good choice!!!! Super cute! I *LOVE* mine :)

jskippy11 said...

I don't know what Pr!vo's are.. but they look cute!
And I LOVE the socks you made for your sister... you are so talented!

Rachel said...

Are those the shoes we saw you wearing at Bidwell park? I really liked those!