Friday, June 27, 2008

A Mommy Night Out

I met up with my, blogless 'Not That Interesting', friend last night and we had pedicures. It was supposed to be relaxing but we were talking and laughing so much I thought they were going to throw us out (shocking I know!). After they put the electric sanders away that they used on the bottom of our feet they used hot rocks between our toes to increase circulation. "I can't believe we paid extra for them to put rocks between our toes!" LOL!

These are my feet.
These are her feet. She thought they looked like bear claws.We should have taken pics of ourselves...that would have been more interesting but I thought the fact that my toes were as shiny and pretty as a new car paint job was way MORE least to me anyway.

My 'Not That Interesting' friend thinks I have a lot of pictures of feet on my blog. After looking I discovered she is right. But I think it is because I am 'Fatter than Average' so I purchase a lot of shoes and take pics to show you guys. Shoes don't care how much cookie dough you have eaten. Shoes never tell!

After the pedicure we went to our favorite local Mexican restaurant and laughed and laughed and laughed. Some how the word 'lemon' became the funniest thing we had ever heard. It was a wonderful Thursday night and I can't wait to do it again...but this time I won't be paying extra for the river rocks.


Meagan said...

If you are "fatter than average" I'm NEVER having that test done to myself. FYI.

Anonymous said...

What a great story! Dare I call it...Interesting? Had a GREAT time, and I am ready to get out again. Who knows, maybe if we "get out" enough, we won't find lemons so hilarious...
Sincerely, Your Not So Interesting Friend

dawn said...

feel free to put up my feet pictures of my new shoes to raise your "foot" quota.

Rachel said...

My family says I take way too many feet pictures, too. Perhaps its because after being pregnant, seeing your feet is rather like meeting a long lost acquaintance!