Saturday, June 28, 2008

Busy Saturday

We have had a busy Saturday and the day isn't even over. Our local Ag Breakfast was today at the fairgrounds. We enjoyed locally grown and produced food with about a 1,000 other people. (Except for the milk and juice. Why they can't get local milk when were are about an inch from 'America's Dairyland' is beyond me.)

After breakfast Hubby had to judge a pretzel recipe contest. Cracked me up they chose HIM to judge food. The man will eat ANYTHING and after he is done eating his only response is 'It's alright'. So, after taste testing everything he comes out of the tent and I asked him how the dishes were. He said...and I quote...'They were alright.'
We enjoyed the park. Lot's of fun and games for the kids. Tonight we are going to enjoy some local fireworks...if the mosquitoes don't carry us off first!

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dawn said...

Awesome that he got to be a judge. Don't let the power go to his head.