Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Relaxing Day of Shopping

I decided yesterday that I would run to the Big City and get a closet organizer and some shelves from Lowes and of course hit Target for a minute. I left by 9am and I planned on being home around lunch time. As soon as we pulled off the interstate at the Big City Bubby threw up! I couldn't believe it. I pulled off at the nearest gas station and gave him a bath in the restroom. He thought this was great fun! You would have never known he had just been sick. I wrapped him in a blanket I had in the car, gave him a little juice and we were on our way to Target. He threw up all the juice before we even got across town to Target! ARG!! So, I had to take him into Target wrapped in a yellow blanket and cowboy boots. (Keep in mind it's 30 degrees outside)

The last time I was in Target I found a bunch of shirts for $1.25....not this time. Everything on clearance wasn't his size. So the stinker got a new $25 outfit! He did look really cute in it. Such a big boy.
I finished my shopping and we were home after lunch which wasn't so bad. He acts like he has a cold but that is about it. No more throwing up which is a good thing.


Dawn said...

In the art world Bubby's pose is called "contrapposto". Look it up.
It's also how certain tall chic's like to stand because they think it makes then look shorter. It really only makes your back ache.

Anonymous said...

Hey Lynn-

I know the feeling! We just got over that with James. He got sick on us last Wednesday. Threw up 3 times and that was it. Then Thursday night into Friday morning, he started throwing up again. So, I made a Dr. appointment and ends up he had strep. I guess the infection from it was what was making him sick. So, Saturday night, we all went out to eat for supper at an italian resturaunt, and half way through eating his supper, he threw up. I actually was cleaning his mouth with a wipe and caught it! How impressive. Then he threw up again right in his pasta bowl. That was it though. No more and he went back to the sitters Monday and seems great again! One of the other boys at day care had strep also. Strange. Hope you are all getting along well! Take care!


Rachel said...

Hmmmm, no new posts . . . either busy, knitting, or reading too many celebrity blogs, ha ha!

Hope you had a great weekend!