Friday, March 21, 2008

New Arrivals

Yesterday was the first day of spring (according to the calendar). We had many arrivals. First arrival was beautiful baby Hannah. She belongs to my good friends Meagan and Jamey. We are so happy that mommy and baby are doing just fine. Yesterday also brought sickness back to our house. I don't think it's actually ever left it just hides for awhile and then springs to life when you aren't expecting it. Bubby woke up saying 'go' and then what sounded like 'doctor'. I wasn't sure till he said 'go fish' and then I KNEW he was sick and wanted to go to the doctor. There is a huge fish tank in the doctor's office and he loves looking at them.

So, I would have to tell you that I'm VERY tired of cleaning up puke. He feels so bad and I think he takes after me cause he's a big complainer. Last night I went out to run an errand and came home at 7pm to find him sound asleep on Daddy. He NEVER does that. He looked so cute and pathetic at the same time.

Third arrival was the snow! Yes, I said snow. I KNEW we hadn't had our LAST snow yet. I could just feel it. Actually, this one doesn't feel like the last snow either for some reason. Yesterday I was going to go out and take a picture of my tulips that are just starting to brave the world and poke their heads up but I never got out cause of Bubby. So today you can view them as I do....with snow on them.

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Rachel said...

You poor thing! I bet you are sick of cleaning up puke. It's too bad they're going through another round of it.

Do you have a steam cleaner? You're welcome to borrow mine, if you need to. It's nice and portable, and great for cleaning up sick.