Monday, March 31, 2008

Just Call Me "The Tag Ripper!"

In order to create a little extra income for myself I list things on Ebay pretty regular. I've been really cleaning out the closets lately and listing things that I think are out of style or that I really should just give up on and get rid of. There are just some things I'm not meant to wear again....sigh.

A couple of weeks ago I listed a wool coat on Ebay. It was a nice coat...I thought. (Picture is a little hard to see I know) I got it out of the closet and tried it on. I haven't had it on since college. It never did fit exactly right so I think I only wore it a couple of times. After trying it on I decided I had other coats I liked better and I should just try and sell it.
When I first got the coat it had a HUGE white tag just inside the hem. It was at least a 3x3 inch white tag that read Dillards. When I wore the coat unbuttoned the front would fold back and you could see this HUGE tag so I cut it out.
So anyway...I put the coat up for auction and a lady (and I use the term 'lady' loosely) bought it. I forgot to mention in the auction that I had ripped out this huge white tag. This lady was VERY upset when she got the coat and found that I had ripped this tag out. I can't believe she even saw where the tag had been. She must have looked it over with a fine tooth comb. To be honest I had totally forgotten about the tag. The Preston & York tag and the tag with all the details about the coat were still at the neck of the coat.

I know I'm going on and on about this but this chick sent me numerous emails about how horrible this coat was and it's a 'filthy rag' and she couldn't believe I would even try and sell it. Then she just went on and on about how I had ripped out a tag from the coat. I tried to explain to her the tag I ripped out was no big deal and that she didn't need it but she wouldn't have any part of it. She actually left me negative feedback that read, "justifying ripping out tags with 'who needs tags'? BEWARE!"

So BEWARE of the Tag Ripper! You never know where I might strike next.

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dawn said...

Remember how I told you Billy's rap name was "casual T"? Well tag ripper in now yours.