Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter!

Sissy woke up this morning so excited to see if the Easter Bunny had arrived. She got up an hour before Bubby (which NEVER happens) and checked out both their baskets and hunted all the eggs. She hid them all back for Bubby. He found two and was content to carry them around and point to the other eggs and say, "Sissy!"
Later we attended Easter church services. Looking at this picture all I can think about it how cold it was today and under dressed my children are. haha! But so were all the other children in church so I guess it's ok. They didn't seem to mind.


Rachel said...

I always look at the Easter dresses sold in stores and think, "Someone ought to sue those designers for attempted child abuse." Really, what's with the "spring" dresses that they expect our children to wear the day after a snow storm? Sheesh!

Your kids look adorable, though! Glad they had such a nice Easter!

Anonymous said...

Hey flopping mamma, your kids look great and so grown! Bella